>>> Our mission

Pharmatoka’s mission is to develop herbal products with clinically proven health benefits to support health and well-being. The 4 cornerstones of our mission are as follows :

   1.  Scientific support

Pharmatoka selects only top quality APIs with full scientific support and drug master files, resulting from close and exclusive cooperation with the producers. We partner with an active scientific committee of international scientists from various fields of medicine and research. In all matters concerning cranberry health issues, Pharmatoka is recognized as a driver of leading scientific initiatives and regulatory innovation.

   2.  A close relationship with health care professionals

Herbal dietary supplements and medicines require special care and need to be thoroughly explained to and clearly understood by health care providers. This requires a continuous effort to maintain the level of awareness with doctors, pharmacists, nurses and all other personnel involved in our specific areas  of health care.  

   3.  Continuously listening to our customers

In order to create and maintain a relationship of trust and support, we make every effort to take into consideration all the needs and queries of our customers.

   4.  Commitment to Quality

Pharmatoka is committed to the highest level of quality of its products and to their safety and efficaciousness. The results of various published clinical trials, fundamental analytical research and development have contributed to validate the high quality, stability and safety of our products.

All our productions are outsourced with certified and reliable exclusive long term partners that observe pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices and comply with very strict standards of quality, safety and hygiene. Thus, we can guarantee a very high quality and complete traceability for our customers and patients.