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Pharmatoka is proud to continue to be the pioneer in the field of cranberry proanthocyanidins (PACs) bacterial anti-adhesion science. After 10 years of experience with dietary supplements, Pharmatoka has now started to convert the supplements into herbal medicines to enter the OTC market. For that purpose Pharmatoka created “Pharmaceutical Laboratories Pharmatoka” late 2014.  

Pharmatoka started its activities In 2004 when the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA) granted,  as a worldwide first, a  physiological health claim for a the cranberry fruit. They validated the bacterial anti-adhesive effect of 36 mg PAC   daily uptake and its contribution to the reduction of recurrent urinary tract infections caused by uropathogenic E.coli. Pharmatoka had built the dossier and petitioned the French Government.

Early 2006, Pharmatoka launched its flagship product, the urell®/ellura® hard capsules with 36 mg bioactive cranberry PACs extracted from the juice. The product has been successfully marketed in many countries for almost 10 years.

Gradually, Pharmatoka has built a substantial distributors’ network in many countries where the urell®/ellura® capsules are sold either as dietary supplements or as traditional herbal medicines.

In 2014, Pharmatoka diversified into men’s prostate health with the creation of « Prostaril » serenoa repens herbal medicine.  A petition for the marketing of a « well established use » medicine in France  is now under evaluation by the French agency ANSM. Another current development concerns specific probiotics for vaginal health. 

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